Happy Sunshine Kids Pre-School & Infant Center

169 N. Halstead Street, Pasadena, CA 91107

"Happy Sunshine Kids Shine..... They have a Bright Future!"


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A note from Ms. Sarah.

Happy Sunshine Kids Pre-School and Infant Center was built with love and care for my own children. The desire was to better enrich their lives with the fundamentals of social, physical, cognitive and emotional development in a safe, clean, nurturing environment. I was dissatisfied with the caliber of existing pre-schools and infant centers. Therefore, I decided to create my own beautiful Preschool and Infant Center with outstanding teachers, ratios, curriculums and varied programs. It is top quality and the children receive the best Pre-School education and Infant Care you will find.

Happy Sunshine Kids is extremely safe, clean and friendly. It's warm, welcoming ambiance invites your child to participate in the well rounded and varied curriculum we provide.   Our highly trained, director qualified, staff are all extremely well educated and experienced. They care for and create outstanding, stimulating, learning experiences for your child. They use many different teaching skills and styles to provide each individual child with encouragement, enthusiasm and a love of leanring.  Each staff member has been hand picked based on their education, experience and their personal opinion and philosophy towards children's development. They are expected to maintain high standards of professionalism at all times. All staff members have been thoroughly background checked through the FBI and State of CA and meet all the requirements of licensing with State of CA Childcare division. All staff members are also fully trained in 1st Aid and CPR.

Studies show that children learn best through play and fun. Therefore, we have created a full and varied weekly program including the Arts and sports to facilitate learning in a playful, fun manner while also helping to develop both sides of their brains. The children are consistently challenged when they learn through interactive role play using their imagination, social and emotional development in the Drama Room. Their physical development is aided greatly by dance and sports helping co-ordination, team spirit and gross motor skills. They gain great confidence learning to express themselves creatively through dance, music and art, the latter of which also helps with their fine motor skills. Studies of the young brain have proven a close link between math and music. Music also helps with listening skills, co-ordination and indiviuality. All of these educational, yet fun additional activities are provided in your child's structured weekly routine. Your child is also engaged in learning the critical fundamental foundations of academic preparation that is now required for kindergarten. The preparation we provide is truly excellent. We maintain a 100% success rate of our graduates admittance into parent's 1st choice of top Elementary schools in the immediate surrounding areas. Most children are good at something. All of our children are good at most things. We fully prepare all of our children so they shine.

Our logo says it all.....

"Happy Sunshine Kids Shine..... They have a Bright Future!"

We cater to each child's individual needs and development. We offer a very personalized and private program and we all truly, personally care for every child in our Infant Center and Preschool. We are also there every step of the way whenever you, the parent, need any help or advice. We hope to make you and your child feel comfortable and at home thus allowing us the opportunity to give your child the best introduction to education. Happy Sunshine Kids feels like home away from home.

Please phone to book a personal tour with me. I would be delighted to welcome you and your family to Happy Sunshine Kids Pre-School and Infant Center.

Thank you.

 Ms. Sarah (626) 744 9111



                                        Front Door                           Front Desk                               Front Desk                                       


                                                    Hallway                            Music Room                          Dance Studio


                                                     Room 3                                  Room 4                             Covered Patio


                                            Sports Court                          Playhouse                             Infant Room           


                                         play on rainy days and Parties! 

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